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Grabbarna Flytt can help out with any issues that might arise before or during a move.


Grabbarna Flytt can help out with any issues that might arise before or during a move. Whatever and wherever you want to move something we’re ready to help out, whether it’s moving to a new home, office or abroad. Our goal is to offer the easiest and fastest move possible.


Sometime it’s not an entire household that has to be packed and moved – maybe it’s just a large cabinet that needs to be moved to the summer house (or to the other side of the living room). No mission is too small or too heavy for us!


A move or a remodeling can result in a lot of packing. Grabbarna Flytt can help you wrap delicate glassware in bubble wrap, fold curtains and organize the moving boxes. We are experts in packing and happy to offer a helping hand!

Here’s what our customers are saying

Grabbarna Flytt helped us move and after barely 5 hours we were done. I’m so happy they helped us (we were planning on doing everything ourselves, gosh I wonder how that would have gone), I don’t think you can find faster guys than them!

Kenza Zouiten

Grabbarna Flytt

“Probably the best flyttfirma in Stockholm”

About us

Grabbarna Flytt was founded in 2015 and originally only meant as an extra job while the guys were studying. Three guys from Helsinki who helped out friends and family when they needed moving help, simply because they liked to hang out and lift heavy things. Their resourcefulness and positivity made the demand for Grabbarna Flytt rise higher and higher.

The three founders quickly realized they had come up with something great. The people of Helsinki were tired of old-fashioned and inflexible moving services and appreciated the guys’ “Can-handle-anything”-attitude. Soon so many people needed moving help that six hard-working arms weren’t enough – Grabbarna Flytt needed to expand the team.

Today Grabbarna Flytt consists of a team made up of 50 guys and neither the Finnish borders or tons of heavy boxes can be considered obstacles anymore. With more guys in the crew the moving service has expanded to an established moving and logistics company with customers all around Europe and offices in Helsinki, Stockholm and Turku. But one thing hasn’t changed (and never will): Grabbarna Flytt is still a group of guys ready to help out and handle everything.




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We’ll handle it

Whatever you need, we’ll handle it – but we can’t mention everything here. Do you need help assembling IKEA furniture? Do you need help with small technical installations after a move? Or something else entirely? Call us! By now you probably know why: We’ll handle it!

Book your move nowMoving tips

Moving tips


Start in time!

Go through all the things you have at home. A lot of stuff can probably be packed well in advance for the move, which will make the days before the move much easier.

Sort, recycle and throw away

When the entire household is being put into boxes before a move a unique opportunity to sort through your things and get rid of those you don’t need arises. Sell stuff online, give away to family or friends and throw out what you no longer want. At Grabbarna Flytt we’d love to help you with the recycling and don’t mind going to the dump if needed. A smooth and environmentally friendly move is in everybody’s best interest!

Mark the moving boxes

Moving chaos can be avoided with clearly marked boxes. What they contain, whether it’s delicate or heavy and in which room in the new home they should be placed are all things that might be useful to write on the box and it will help both the team during the move and you when you start unpacking. Using a color or number system on the boxes or a list are a great way to avoid chaos! The easiest way is to rent plastic or cardboard boxes directly from Grabbarna Flytt.

Minor things to think about!

Change your address

A necessity that is easily forgotten. You can change your address here. By doing that all important government institutions such as the tax bureau, your bank and the post office will have your new address in their systems. Also remember to let family members and friends know about your new address!

Look over your subscriptions

Electricity, wireless internet and TV! You might want to keep some subscriptions when you move and terminate others. A move is a prime opportunity to compare costs and advantages between different subscription service providers.

Home insurance

It might also be a good idea to contact your insurance company and get more information about certain changes. For example, if you’re moving into a “bostadsrätt” a “bostadstillägg” is needed. Do you live in a “hyresrätt”? Remember to officially end the contract in writing three months in advance.

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“A move is the ideal opportunity to get rid of stuff you no longer need in your new home. We’re happy to help you out if needed.”


“If everything is packed and protected carefully the move will run much smoother. If you don’t have the energy to do this, we’re happy to come by the night before and take care of it.”


“Don’t underestimate the amount of stuff you own. If you let us know beforehand the move will be easier for both you and us.”