Grabbarna Flytt is a moving company started in 2015 as a side gig for the founders while at university. Three guys started off helping friends and family move, simply because they enjoyed lifting heavy objects. The guys’ attitude of always being ready to go the extra mile when help was in need coupled with their ability to never lose the smiles on their faces even when faced with broken elevators in apartment buildings, created an increase in demand. 


One day when the three founders were unscrewing lightbulbs another one lit up—people were tired of inflexible old-timey moving services and were pleasantly surprised by the guys’ willingness to attend to everything and anything that needed sorting out in a move. Soon, there were so many vying for their services that even the founders’ strong arms weren’t up to the task. Grabbarna Flytt needed additions to their team. Today, Grabbarna Flytt is comprised of circa 100 employees and the operation just keeps on growing.


Grabbarna Flytt has been developed into a well-established moving and logistics company with customers all around Europe and offices in both Helsinki and Stockholm. One thing has not changed however, Grabbarna Flytt is still a bunch of guys ready to sort out whatever they’re faced with.



We provide professional moving and packing services for private and company moves

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At Grabbarna Flytt, we help you with your moving needs and then some. We offer services for both private customers and companies. With more than 9,000 moves to date, we’ve seen it all. Simply choose the package most suitable to you and we’ll help you with everything from transporting a beloved piece of furniture to moving your entire home to the south of France. We can also help with company moving-projects and provide tailored logistical solutions. Our experience gained through moving larger offices allows us to provide your company with tailored logistical solutions. To put it simply, we can offer you what you need!


Packaging is an integral part of the move to ensure your property is safely delivered to the new address. At Grabbarna Flytt, we offer our customers packaging services to fit all your needs. Our services range from packing precious china to heavy-duty furniture and everything in between. It is important you contact us regarding our packaging services beforehand to ensure a seamless move. Remember Grabbarna Flytt can help you with everything!

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Time for a renovation in the house? Or do you need extra storage space? No worries, Grabbarna also have warehousing services. We offer storage for everything from single objects to a large household full of furniture. Our heated and safe storages are available in all size classes. Grabbarna Flytt solves all your storing needs.


We at Grabbarna Flytt also offer our customers move-out cleaning. The material for the move-out cleaning has been selected with great care and in this way we can integrate an environmental thinking into our way of working. We place high demands on all parts of the work and guarantee your top-class cleaning service. During the move-out cleaning, all surfaces in the home are thoroughly cleaned. Book your moving cleaning in connection with your move or separately and let Grabbarna Flytt take care of the logistics.

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At Grabbarna Flytt, we help you with your moving needs and then some. We offer services for both private customers and companies. With more than 9,000 moves to date, we’ve seen it all. To put it simply, we can offer you what you need!



Moving tips, tricks, and advice

image Start in time!

Go through all the things you have at home. A lot of stuff can probably be packed well in advance for the move, which will make the days before the move much easier.

image Sort, recycle and throw away

When the entire household is being put into boxes before a move a unique opportunity to sort through your things and get rid of those you don’t need arises. Sell stuff online, give away to family or friends and throw out what you no longer want. At Grabbarna Flytt we’d love to help you with the recycling and don’t mind going to the dump if needed. A smooth and environmentally friendly move is in everybody’s best interest!

image Mark the moving boxes

Moving chaos can be avoided with clearly marked boxes. What they contain, whether it’s delicate or heavy and in which room in the new home they should be placed are all things that might be useful to write on the box and it will help both the team during the move and you when you start unpacking. Using a color or number system on the boxes or a list are a great way to avoid chaos! The easiest way is to rent plastic or cardboard boxes directly from Grabbarna Flytt.



Moving tips, tricks, and advice

image Change your address

A necessity that is easily forgotten. You can change your address at https://dvv.fi/en/moving. By doing that all important government institutions such as the tax bureau, your bank and the post office will have your new address in their systems. Also remember to let family members and friends know about your new address!

image Look over your subscriptions

Electricity, wireless internet and TV! You might want to keep some subscriptions when you move and terminate others. A move is a prime opportunity to compare costs and advantages between different subscription service providers.

image Home insurance

It might also be a good idea to contact your insurance company and get more information about certain changes. For example, if you’re moving into a “bostadsrätt” a “bostadstillägg” is needed. Do you live in a “hyresrätt”? Remember to officially end the contract in writing three months in advance.




Very friendly, quick, efficient and careful crew. Moved my stuff into a freshly painted (two hours earlier) apartment and not a single box or piece of furniture touched the walls. Strongly recommended.”

- Johan, Google

Very good experience! Guys were very fast and professional. And they were also very nice and polite people! They were careful with sensitive stuff and packing very good. High recommendation!!!”

- Pole Community, Google

Helped me get all moved in! Awesome guys! Highly recommend.”

- Austin R, customer (Facebook review)

Absolutely highly recommend !!! Guys are awesome! I will ask this company when I move again for sure!”

- Noriko K, customer (Facebook review)

Luckily we had some incredible help from Grabbarna Flytt who picked up all of Jannis stuff in Stockholm and drove it down here. Such a great crew, hit them up if you need help moving, they are as good as it gets!”

- Jon Olsson & Janni Déler

Helped me move between two apartments. The move went quickly and they handled my belongings with great care. Overall, I am very pleased with their services.”

- David, Google

Grabbarna Flytt helped us move from Hjorthagen to Vasastan and after barely 5 hours we were done. I’m so happy they helped us, I don’t think you can find faster guys than them!”

- Kenza Zouiten, influencer & blogger

This is the second time that I used the service! Everything went great and according to schedule!!! I am super happy and I definitely recommend Grabbarna Flytt to anyone that needs these kind of services!!!”

- Antonis, Google

Really great experience with these guys! Had difficulties finding right company, getting strange quotes, etc - and then I found these guys, and am 100% grateful! They came on time, did everything quickly and professionally, addressed all my requests - everything was just perfect! And price is great compared to other firms I spoke too, so I am very happy to have found them. Recommend 100%, and wish them best!”

- Konstantin, Google

I have experience with many moving companies and Grabbarna Flytt is by far the best. No unnecessary hassle, flexible and fast. Will also come up with solutions to various problems related to moving. In addition, the guys are nice!”

- Marianne M, customer (Facebook review)

Great service, highly recommended! I was able to book a time pretty much last minute with these guys during a busy moving season. They were punctual and efficient, took a huge physical and mental load off my shoulders!”

- Anton, Google

I've been using Grabbarna Flytt for a couple of moves, and they are timely, precise, and deliver a good experience throughout the journey. Comes highly recommended!”

- Tom, customer, Google

Good treatment in the planning / booking stage. Effective hassle-free movers arrived. Worked like "animals" to get the bed up in the stairwell that lacked margin. No waste of time, the second turn only 1 out of 3 went so that there would be no unnecessary debiting. Recommended!”

- Andreas, customer, Google


Do you need help with smaller installations or a round to the recycling center, let us know and we'll handle it!