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Packaging is an integral part of the move to ensure your property is safely delivered to the new address. At Grabbarna Flytt, we offer our customers packaging services to fit all your needs. Our services range from packing precious china to heavy-duty furniture and everything in between. It is important you contact us regarding our packaging services beforehand to ensure a seamless move. Remember Grabbarna Flytt can help you with everything!

Would you rather do the packaging yourself? In that case, we suggest you take advantage of our packaging specialists’ advice! 


In addition to offering you packaging materials, we have compiled some useful tips below for you to consider in your packaging endeavours. 

  1. Use sturdy boxes of the same size
  2. Do not fill boxes with books to the brim
  3. Place a soft layer between glass and porcelain
  4. Garbage bags are useful for soft objects such as pillows, duvets, and clothes
  5. Be careful to protect the edges of paintings and mirrors when packaging them



Do you need help with smaller installations or a round to the recycling center, let us know and we'll handle it!